(K. Follet, The Pillars of the Earth)



On this page you'll find music I've written and / or recorded throughout the years. Almost all of the songs are posted with lyrics, the songs from "Anthems..." can be listened to using the respective link. In order to view the lyrics click on the song name. The Anthem songs are in RM format, meaning you need to have some version of REAL-Player installed. If you don't have one yet, get it here: Click on the next to the songname in order to listen to the song. The quality ain't that good, but I don't have unlimited webspace.


The Hourglass (1995)

available only on tape in disgusting quality. features tobi markutzik on piano and backing vocals.

1. Desire (instr.)

2. Buried in the Past (Beutel / Markutzik)  
3. Believe (Oliva / O'Neill / Oliva)  
4. Too Much Love Will Kill You (May)  
5. Not What You See (Oliva / O'Neill)  
6. The Hourglass (Beutel)  
7. No Surrender (Springsteen)  
8. Stairway To Heaven (Page / Plant)  

Buried Alive - Live At The ASG, K-Town, Germany (1996)

no longer seperately available, re-released as B-side of "The Hourglass", tape only. features tobi markutzik on piano and backing vocals and some other retards on 2nd guitar, bass and drums whose names I've forgotten

1. Believe (Oliva / O'Neill / Oliva)  
2. Buried in the Past (Beutel / Markutzik)  
3. Amazing Scene (Beutel / Horvath)  
4. Nothing Else Matters (Hetfield / Ulrich)  


Anthems To The estranged (2001)

1. No More

2. Amazing Scene (Beutel / Horvath)
3. Kid Fears (Ray)
4. In The Blood (Waters)
5. Buried In The Past Guitar Version (Beutel / Markutzik)
6. Lake Of Dreams (Beutel)
7. Colorblind (Duritz)
8. For You I'm Bleeding (Heppner)
9. Believe In Me (Beutel)
10. Round Here Bonus Track (Duritz)

Other Songs

Stand Inside Your Love (2002) (Corgan)
When The Children Cry (1999) (Bratta / Tramp)